Mature Family

Your family is growing up – faster than you’d probably like in some cases.

Your children are starting to find their own independence but still rely on you for financial support and security. Your focus and priorities continue to change but there is still the need to plan for the future.

Protecting you and your family’s lifestyle and future

How would your spouse and children cope with the growing expenses and financial commitments if something unexpected happened and you were unable to work?

Your insurance is your safety net. It’s there supporting you every day of the year and comes into its own if you become ill or seriously injured. So it’s important to make sure it’s always kept up to date – as your circumstances change, so too should your insurance.

Consider your lifestyle now, and what you could lose if something unexpected were to happen to you in the future and you didn’t have enough insurance.

With no way to pay, what would happen to:

  • paying off the mortgage
  • credit card and loan repayments
  • mobile, car, electricity and gas bills, or
  • the quality of your children’s further education.

Are you trying to balance current family expenses with saving for your future?

At this time of your life you’re probably earning good money and may be close to earning your maximum salary, but it’s also a time when your expenses may be at their highest.

And even though your children are starting to find their own independence, they may still rely heavily on you for financial support and security. Helping pay their university fees, buying them a car or even helping them with their own home deposits may be some of the ways you’re financially supporting them.

Now could be the right time in your financial journey to do a thorough review of your financial plan with your financial adviser. Since you last spoke there may be some new solutions that could help you reach your financial goals.

By matching your portfolio with your investment needs, risk adversity and short-term financial commitments, you’re able to get a clearer picture of where you want to be and how to get there.

For more information on how All Stages Financial Planning can assist you with your financial planning needs please contact us on 0422 287 760.

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