Protecting what’s important

Whether you’re a young single or managing a busy family, having the right insurance provides great peace of mind.

Whatever you’re trying to protect in life, there’s an insurance solution to match. And so whether you need to protect your income and lifestyle, family home, children’s future or livelihood to run your own business – All Stages Financial Planning can help.

Life’s big moments and insurance

If you’re about to walk down the aisle or give birth, chances are insurance isn’t top of mind.

But big life changes can provide the right time to talk about protecting your future lifestyle.

You may already have insurance through your super or personal policies, but in most cases this isn’t going to be enough. What’s more, there may be smarter ways to protect you and your family now your life circumstances have changed.

What many don’t realise is that you are your biggest asset, and yet generally this is the most uninsured asset.

In addition to protecting your family from the impact of losing you with things like Life and TPD insurance, your income is a critical asset to protect. And yet many Australians insure their car or home before they protect their earning potential with Income Protection insurance.

And while no one likes to dwell on the negative, insurance could protect your family’s financial well being if something happened to you.

The best news is it doesn’t have to be difficult or impact your current lifestyle.

Simply contact All Stages Financial Planning, or call 0422 287 760 to find out how you can help take care of your family’s future.

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